• A number of unique risk control schemes to avoid possible drug pollution in all links and parts of the lyophilizing process.
  • From vessel to system, the design concept of energy saving and environmental protection is embodied in many ways.
  • More than 10 optimizations of the refrigeration system have been carried out.
  • For APIs and vials, different shelf structures and automatic loading and unloading system are adopted.
  • Energy Recovery : Waste gases, liquids in the pharmaceutical production process are recycled into new energy resources.
  • Processing Cooling : Customize the process cooling scheme for your pharmaceutical production from  - 271 °C.
  • Central Air Conditioner : Meet the strict requirements of temperature, moderation, cleanliness and air distribution.
  • Ice Slurry Energy Storage : Produce and storage the cooling capacity at night when the energy charge is cheap.
  • Provide a full range of solutions to achieve Internet + Equipment, Internet + Factory.
  • Provide consultations and implement of GMP compliance automatic solutions in pharmaceutical industry.
  • GxP verification of quality system and risk control; CSV verification of GMP specification and quality construction.
  • Senior project teams provide virtual servers, BATCH, PCS, BMS, EMS, LIMS, WMS, MES and SCADA solutions.
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